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A little bit about me...
Upon leaving school I was never sure as to which profession I wanted to go into. I tried my hand at insurance and estate agency, but the 9 to 5 job never suited my creative needs. From these jobs I switched to temporary work in various kitchens, working as a waitress, a pot wash, kitchen assistant, anything! It was during this time that I decided I’d love to be a chef, so I took on an apprenticeship and trained for three years.

I absolutely loved the madness and mayhem that happens in a kitchen and my creative, artistic side certainly was fulfilled. That was many years ago.

Annette Newman

During the past twenty years I married, had two beautiful children and applied myself to life. However, as with most things in our time, pressures are put upon us, the pace of life seems too fast and we tire too easily. For me the tiredness seemed intense and emotions always ran high, with moods mainly at a depressive low. Never wanting to feel like this I would dutifully take myself to the doctor, with symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression, to try to find the answer.

Over a number of years, I had my thyroid, blood and kidneys tested (always testing negative for any physical conditions), contraceptive pill changed, anti depressant drugs offered to me and a disbelieving doctor diagnosing a possible case of ME, all this happening with a heartbreaking divorce about to take place! Some days were dark, the fatigue in my muscles sometimes unbearable and I felt very low, but I knew I was a positive, happy, full of energy person, it was just trapped within my physical worn out body!

Dispondant with modern medicine I started to turn to holistic therapies. I had personal childhood demons, and a mind that would never switch off, on top of a painful divorce, I decided to visit a reiki healer, having read about the benefits, I felt this would be a good stepping stone into the world of healing, as it is non-invasive, gentle and you take from reiki what you need.

I enjoyed the relaxation it gave me, the inner peace, and a way to deal with issues that had been previously been left to ferment, I no longer needed to carry baggage around with me.

I enjoyed reiki so much I felt I felt compelled to train in healing myself. I have since taken Reiki Level 1 and 2 and Reiki Master courses to enbale me to help heal others. I have also benefited from ear candling and again trained in that too, along with Tibetan head massage. I have also qualified in Full Body Swedish Massage.

I am pleased to say, today, I am a very happy, well balanced positive, full of energy person and feel I owe this to holistic therapies.




           What we think we become

                                    -  BUDDHA

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